A Real Sense of Community at Colonial Estates

Paul Bradley watching residents place a dice game.
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A few weeks ago, I traveled south to Colonial Estates in Taunton, Mass. to get some footage for a video that the National Co-op Bank is producing as a gift for our 10th anniversary. The plan is to showcase that video in D.C. on May 3rd at the bank’s annual meeting where they’re highlighting ROCs and ROC USA.

I’m really excited that Kim Capen, your ROC Association Director from the Medvil Co-op in Goffstown, NH will speak to an expected audience of 300 following the video!  And, five ROC leaders, including Kim, that morning will be interviewed on an internet radio station, too!  We’ll get a link out on ROCUSA.org so you can listen in on May 3rd or download the podcast to listen to it later!

Back to Taunton and Colonial Estates:  What an amazing group of people!  They really exemplify the cooperative spirit.  

Photo of Anne Murphy's Volunteer of the Month posting at Colonial Estates
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As soon as I walked in their community center, I saw a posting of the Volunteer of the Month. This month was Anne Murphy, who serves as the treasurer for the Board of Directors.  Volunteerism is so important in ROCs, and I love to see groups openly recognizing their members and leaders!

During my short visit, I was able to chat with a group of ladies making cards and another group playing a dice game that produced a whole lot of laughs!  The group has set up their own bocce ball and horseshoes court to use during the warmer months.

The changes they’ve made to their fire pit are really fun. Most Friday nights you will find a group of 30 or so folks that gather at the fire pit just to socialize. But it wasn’t always that way.  Apparently the lack of lights made people nervous about getting hurt walking in the area after dark after their eyes became adjusted to the firelight. So, they installed solar-powered, LED lights to ensure everyone would be able to walk home or to their vehicles safely!  

Paul Bradley standing with two woman making cards at Colonial Estates
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There’s a lesson in this for all of us.  Keeping an ear to the ground for what’s holding people back and taking sometimes small, simple steps to address them can make a real difference.  And, then, following that up with honest to goodness fun and recognition and there’s a recipe for success!

Thank you Colonial Estates for all of your good community-minded efforts.  I am impressed!

We shall all soon see how well the video recorded your outstanding community.  I can’t wait!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Sue. That is what I call a real friendly family atmosphere living. All there for each other. I’m so happy that your living in a safe area. Someday we may be joining you there. Kathy & Ed,

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