A ROC MALL discount that really paid off!

I saved 37% and got better quality paint through my Innovia – ROC MALL – discount at Sherwin Williams! You have to tell them it’s a commercial account and it will show up as CCA Global in Manchester, N.H., and it’s totally legitimate. Just say you’re a part of the co-op.

The code is: 5562-8149-1  

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The background on this is that ROC USA helped found the CMC Cooperative to generate savings for ROCs and ROC Members. The Co-op hired CCA Global Partners to manage the development of cost-saving programs and it’s starting to come together. The service is called “Innovia” and all the products are viewable in the ROC Mall. Not all are all that special right now. It will get there. One for sure is special – Sherwin Williams.

Does anyone else have a painting project on the to-do list?

I used the Sherwin Williams discount last weekend and it was great! We mostly buy our paint at Sherwin Williams because I like the small store service and the paint is excellent. As a customer, we often get 30% discount mailers.

The Innovia savings are better and they upgrade you to professional quality paint! It’s better paint for less money!

Try it out and let me know what you think. I’ll be painting my daughter’s room this weekend so I’ll let you know how it looks!

And, then, we need to find more savings opportunities for ROC Mall shoppers. ROC on!