A steady increase is a good thing.

I know the news can be disappointing.  You apply and you get a decline letter.  It’s hard because it’s something you really wanted.

We’re handing out a few of those this month.

First, the ROC Association sent out 14 of them – along with 5 approvals – in the ROC Grants round that was just announced.

And, this week, there are 48 decline letters for the Community Leadership Institute (CLI) in Columbus this fall.  (We never had 50 applications before this year – forget about 50 approved and 48 denials!)

In both cases, we more than doubled the number of approvals.  We increased from 2 to 5 ROC grants in all prior years.  And, we increased the number of slots for CLI from 24 to 50.

It just so happens the number of people catching on to these tremendous opportunities also almost doubled!  That’s a good thing.  People are seeing the advantages of Better Together.  It’s information for us that we need to double down and keep working to expand opportunities for ROCs and ROC leaders.  (We never stop, don’t worry.)

It’s also disappointing to get those letters, I know.  Please don’t give up.  For CLI especially, we encourage you to team up with another leader in your ROC and apply every year.  We do watch for people who’ve applied before but who haven’t gone.  We have a lot to balance but that’s one thing we look at.

The ROC Grants are a little different. The Association Directors have said they’re looking for the most compelling needs that can be solved with a $2,000 grant in that program.  But, do apply if you have a need.

As with all things in life, hang in there and be persistent and good things will come.  Better Together.