A touching reminder from Bill Hodgkins in Maine

I just read Bill’s piece on Page 6 of the August issue of the Wardtown Newsletter. If you haven’t read it, please do. It is a very personal and truly touching story.

In part that’s true because letting people into your heart and emotions can feel risky.

By taking that risk, Bill has offered us a poignant reminder of what really matters … how being connected with those around us and having a positive outlook is a desirable place to be.

It’s far better than being lonely in a sea of people.

I am struck by the wonder of people especially when they step out and take a risk – when they make themselves vulnerable. I don’t mean taking a risk in attacking people. I mean taking a risk by revealing something personal.

One such wonder still inspires me nearly 25 years later.

In the early ’90s I was working with the Elm Street Co-op in Winchester, N.H., when a 50-60-year-old woman came to a committee meeting and said, “My husband has been telling me for 30 years that I can’t do anything but when Herb was asking for volunteers I said to myself, ‘I don’t know if I can help but I’m going to try.’”

My mouth must have dropped open. From there on, I can tell you, her goal became the group’s goal! She took a risk and we were not going to let her down!

We never know entirely what chain or insecurity holds someone back. And, it’s not worth speculating about it, either. If they tell me, fine. If they don’t, that’s OK.

What’s important to me is that is one more person looking to step up to benefit his or her community; a person worthy of respect for their desire to build connections and create positive change.

Bill reminds us that connection is what really matters. When we take a deep breath and ponder what’s important, we know that.

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