Positions at ROC USA and ROC USA Network affiliates provide an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of homeowners in manufactured home communities. 

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ROC USA Positions

Real Estate Acquisitions Associate 

ROC USA is seeking a Real Estate Acquisitions Associate to assist and support ROC USA’s Market Development and Acquisitions program. This position reports directly to the Vice President of Acquisitions and is responsible for analyzing opportunities for residents to acquire their manufactured home community and own and operate it as a resident owned community, conducting market research, and providing opinions of values and recommendations on investment opportunities. This person will work collaboratively to establish a pipeline of for-sale opportunities, a marketing strategy, and become the in-house expert on specific markets. This position offers a unique opportunity for a talented individual to leverage their expertise in real estate analysis to drive success in a fast-paced and collaborative environment. Over time, this position has the potential to expand into an acquisition role that leads transactions. 

The ideal candidate has strong real estate analysis and investment skills and well-developed financial analysis and modeling/program capabilities and wants to use those skills in a market environment for a social purpose. 

Who We Are 

ROC USA is not your typical affordable housing organization. We are a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to make quality resident ownership viable and successful nationwide and expand economic opportunities for homeowners living in Manufactured Home Communities.  

Our Vision: Millions of homeowners and families thrive in sustainable, resilient, and mutually supportive resident-owned manufactured home communities. 

Our Mission: ROC USA supports homeowners in manufactured home communities to achieve affordable and environmentally sustainable self-governing cooperatives. 

Our goals are to: 

  • Preserve and improve affordable manufactured home communities. 
  • Empower homeowners to build individual assets. 
  • Foster healthy, mutually supportive communities and leaders. 

 Our Cultural Norms: 

  • We insist on deep collaboration and accountability to one another, our internal and external customers, and the mission. 
  • Trustworthiness and transparency are essential to our success. 
  • Diversity strengthens us. 
  • We are better together! 
  • We love having fun and being creative. 

 What You’ll Do 

The Real Estate Acquisitions Associate reports to the Program Director & Vice President of Acquisitions, and is responsible for: 

  • Financial Analysis: Conduct comprehensive financial analyses, including cash flow modeling, sensitivity analysis, and ROI calculations to evaluate potential real estate investments, opinion of values, and proformas for resident acquisitions of manufactured home communities. 
  • Market Research: Gather and analyze market data, trends, and demographics to identify and assess market opportunities and risks in the manufactured housing asset space with a goal of becoming the in-house expert on particular markets.  
  • Risk Management: Work with senior colleagues to identify risks associated with real estate investments, including market volatility, regulatory changes, and economic trends, and develop strategies to mitigate risks in the manufactured housing asset space. 
  • Investment Memos: Work with VP of Acquisitions & VP of Loan Originations to prepare investment memos and presentations of key findings, recommendations, and risk assessments for senior management. 
  • Pipeline Development: Participate with colleagues in identifying and developing a pipeline of potential transactions. Play a leading role in administering and organizing pipeline development, including attending tradeshows, state trade association annual meetings, cold calling community owners, and developing personal relationships with owners and brokers so that their first call when selling a manufactured home community is to ROC USA. Segment the market to identify and prioritize a target list of communities.  
  • Marketing Coordination: Work with the communications team to ensure there are ongoing and automated marketing campaigns for print, social media, and other touch points to hit our target audience. 
  • Collaboration: Collaborate cross-functionally with acquisition teams, asset managers, and external partners to support deal execution. 
  • Future Growth: This is a role that could potentially lead to heading acquisitions. You would be in a position to coordinate due diligence, lead purchase project management, and work with the internal lending team to ensure the completion of the loan application. 

If you were here right now, you could be: 

  • Building, refining, and perfecting a proforma model of operating revenue and expenses and financing sources and uses for a potential resident purchase transaction.  
  • Scrutinizing attendee lists for an upcoming conference and helping to research attendees and plan market development meetings.  
  • Assisting the VP of Acquisition in collecting and analyzing pro-forma budget data for a preliminary valuation of for-sale opportunities.  
  • Researching and completing a market analysis of the Philadelphia metro area, detailing existing MHCs, economics of other alternative housing, sizing the potential ROC market and identifying prospects.  

Who You Are 

To be successful in this job, you will have the drive to achieve results by being a leading contributor to the acquisition team’s success.   

You will excel in: 

Relationship-building. You have the ability to build relationships with owners, brokers, municipalities, and other lead sources to assist in the development of a pipeline of transaction, have the emotional intelligence to work with varying communication styles both internal and external to the organization. To be successful, you can give and receive direct communication.   

Creativity. You can be creative in finding solutions. You don’t let a “that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality dictate how you do business. You are committed to continuous improvement of systems and processes.  

Entrepreneurship and resourcefulness. You thrive in a busy transactional environment and are able to navigate ambiguity and deal with uncertainty. You can work independently with limited supervision to find solutions and know when to elevate issues or concerns to management. You can make realistic assessments of risk and resource requirements. 

Required Skills/experience/education: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Real Estate, Economics, or a related field, or the equivalent experience.  
  • Minimum of three years of experience in real estate financial analysis, consulting, investment banking, or related field, with a proven track record of successful deal execution. 
  • High level of proficiency in financial modeling and valuation techniques, with advanced Microsoft Excel skills.  
  • Deep understanding of real estate markets, investment trends, and asset classes, with the ability to conduct thorough market research and due diligence. Experience in Manufactured Housing is an advantage.  
  • Excellent analytical skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities, with the capacity to synthesize complex information and communicate insights effectively. 
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate cross-functionally and present findings to senior management and stakeholders. 
  • Proactive mindset, with a passion for real estate investment and a commitment to delivering superior results. 
  • Self-directed worker, who initiates and completes projects with limited supervision, willingness and ability to manage up when necessary.  

Physical Requirements: 

  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer and video conferencing. 
  • Use of standard office equipment. 
  • Moderate travel: Up to 30 percent annually, travel is cyclical with a heavy emphasis in the spring and fall.  

What Else You Should Know 

The position is a 40-hour (full-time) per week position and is remote-based, or where we have offices in Washington, D.C., or Concord, N.H. The role requires moderate travel throughout the U.S. – average of once or twice per month, with minimum multi-state/multi-day trips, averaging three days.  The salary for this position is dependent on experience. We also offer an excellent benefits package, including a Health Reimbursement Account, FSA, generous vacation and sick time, and a 3% retirement contribution.  

Who We Are 

Resident ownership is achieved when homeowners in Manufactured (“Mobile”) Home Communities form a co-op and acquire the underlying land from a commercial owner. To make ownership possible, ROC USA creates purchase opportunities through market development in industry and negotiations with investor-owners, provides training and Technical Assistance through a Network of affiliated non-profits and our own national team in states not served by an affiliate, and provides financing through ROC USA Capital, a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).  

ROC USA and its affiliates serve customers and support our mission with a national team of more than 50 affiliate team members, who stand proudly with low- and moderate-income homeowners who want control of the land under their neighborhoods. Our faith in these homeowners and the democratic cooperatives they operate is based on nearly 40 years of experience and success. We use this history and track record to inform and advance public policy at the local, state, and national levels.  

Our networked business model allows us to achieve economies of scale and deliver consistently high-quality services and earnings that sustain the whole enterprise — individual ROCs, CTAP affiliates, and ROC USA itself. Working in a niche commercial real estate market that transacts time-sensitive projects through market-rate financing, operational efficiencies are critical.  

Today, ROC USA represents 327 ROCs and more than 22,600 Member-owners in 21 states. ROC USA Capital has provided more than $300 million in community financing. This track record of success has us well-positioned for significant growth.  

Our success has been recognized by The Financial Times (“Why Big Investors are Buying U.S. Trailer Parks,” Feb. 2020) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (“Mobile Homes,” April 2019) along with numerous other national publications, television and radio news, and podcasts.  


There are no open positions at ROC USA.

ROC USA Network Positions 

As the Cooperative Development Manager at Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF), you will hold a key position driving our mission forward. Your primary responsibility will be to lead and oversee the cooperative development team, ensuring the successful delivery of post-purchase support to limited equity housing cooperatives in rural and suburban areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin. These cooperatives include residentowned manufactured home communities and multifamily housing co-ops. In this role, you will lead a dedicated team of four Technical Assistant Providers who possess both enthusiasm and expertise in supporting the conversion of manufactured housing communities and multifamily housing into resident-owned and democratically managed entities. As the manager, you will not only guide and mentor your team but also actively participate in NCF’s management team discussions. Your input will be instrumental in evaluating new cooperative ownership projects, and you will directly provide technical assistance to cooperatives, thereby playing a vital role in their growth and success.

About NCF

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF) is dedicated to helping communities take control of their futures through cooperative ownership. We specialize in the development and support of affordable housing cooperatives, providing low-income residents with the technical expertise, organizational support, and financial tools needed to create successful cooperatives and sustain them in the long-term.


Interested candidates are invited to submit a cover letter and resume via email to Emily Stewart at No phone calls, please. NCF is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Click here for a full job description.

Professional Services 

Release Date:  10/4/2023

Bids Due: 10/18/2023

Submit Proposals:  Email to

Contract Term: 6-month Term, start as soon as possible.

Statement of Work

ROC USA® seeks a Contractor/Consultant to support two resident boards of two communities in Cañon City, CO, to identify opportunities for improved property operations. The two separate and independent communities are currently in risk of foreclosure and the Lender has established milestones the community must meet over the next six (6) months to be granted an extension to their current forbearance period. A specialized and dedicated project manager is required to manage and assist these two communities.

 This Contractor will:

  • Be the primary contact and liaison for the Property Manager, Legal Representation, Financial Manager, Lender, and the Certified Technical Assistance Provider (CTAP).
  • Act as an accountability partner, establishing the checks and balances, verifying information provided, and overall management of the parties involved to include legal actions and financial management. This could include preparing financial performance reports, reviewing lease agreements and renewals, and assisting with eviction processes, if necessary.
  • Initiate and manage efforts with partners to identify the condition of abandoned homes, removal of homes, and work with local real estate specialists to list homes for sale.
  • Identify vendors and scope to address capital infrastructure needs to include back flow preventors, water meters, and road repairs.
  • Ensure each community operates in accordance with its Forbearance Agreement Milestones.

If you were contracted today, you would be focused on the following:

  • Occupancy Improvement. Reducing the number of abandoned and vacant homes, improvement in marketability of the community, identifying opportunities to bring in new homes, and increase overall occupancy of the community.
  • Improved Property Operations. Improve financial operations to include increasing the number of on-time payers of lot fees, improve the overall functionality of the community in partnership with the third-party property management, and reduce financial risk to each member of the community.
  • Project management of capital infrastructure. Identify a scope of work and potential cost estimates through qualified third-party vendor for capital infrastructure projects.

General Expectations

The Contractor will need to:

  • Have flexible hours – some evening and weekend assignments may be required.
  • Be physically located in the state of Colorado as the services are required to be performed on site in this community. The ideal candidate would have no more than a two (2) hour commute time to Cañon City or be willing to stay local to the property multiple days a week.
  • Provide direct coordination and project management to all representatives in supporting these two communities, which would require regular meetings, site visits, and clear communication methods.
  • Provide administrative support with requests for information, tracking data, generating reports, delivering documentation, and undertaking other related tasks to ensure the workout plans and milestones are being achieved.
  • Attend regular recurring meetings with various parties involved in the turn-around process and report to the Vice President, Special Projects at ROC USA.

The Contractor must be:

  • Experienced in Property Management. The ideal candidate will have experience with Manufactured Housing and/or Low-Income Housing. A preference to those with a strong understanding of infrastructure and real estate operations.
  • Experienced in Project Management; able to track milestones, provide regular reporting and communications, ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities across all key players, and evaluate project performance.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills.
  • Ability to prepare financial analysis to include project estimates, income projections, and market analysis.
  • Ability to handle difficult situations with professionalism and empathy.
  • Knowledge of local housing regulations and fair housing laws.

Terms of Contract

Primary Term. The primary term of the Contract awarded as a result of this invitation (if any) shall commence on the date of final Contract execution and expire at 6 months (the Contract Term), unless terminated earlier pursuant to the terms of the Contract. The primary term plus any renewal terms or extensions, if any, shall constitute the Contract Term.

Renewal Terms. ROC USA shall have the right to renew the term of the Contract for up to one (1) additional month, and one (1) additional six (6) month period, with consideration to Contractor performance.

Question Submission

Questions must be submitted electronically to Nicholas Salerno, Chief Operating Officer, no later than October 15, 2023. The subject line should read: Questions about resident coordination and facilitation services. To ensure you receive communications on updates to this request, please submit an email to with your intent to apply.

Bid Requirements

The Vendor must submit their bid electronically with their qualifications and hourly rates to no later than October 18, 2023. The subject line should read: Bid for Resident Coordination and Facilitation Services. Each Respondent may submit only one response. If a Respondent submits more than one response, all responses from that Respondent may be rejected.


ROC USA is not your typical affordable housing organization. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to make quality resident ownership viable and successful nationwide and expand economic opportunities for homeowners living in MHCs.

Resident ownership is achieved when homeowners in MHCs form a co-op and acquire the underlying land from a commercial owner. To make ownership possible, ROC USA creates purchase opportunities through market development in industry and negotiations with investor-owners, and provides training and technical assistance through both a network of 10 non-profits (CTAPs) and a national team in states not served by a CTAP.  ROC USA also provides financing through ROC USA Capital, a $300 million national Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

ROC Association is the association of resident-owned communities (ROCs) supported by ROC USA. Its purpose is to support a strong peer network of co-op leaders and advocate for and represent ROCs on the ROC USA Board of Directors and with stakeholders across the country.

Today, ROC USA represents more than 300 ROCs and more than 21,000 Member-owners in 21 states. By 2028, we expect to serve more than 30,000 Member-owners. For more details see

Equal Employment Opportunity

ROC USA® is an Equal Opportunity Employer that does not discriminate based on actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion, alienage or national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, age, disability or handicap, sex, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, arrest record, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws. Our management team is dedicated to this belief with respect to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, training, compensation, benefits, employee activities and general treatment during employment.

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