Empowering Communities, Achieving Change Together

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As part of ROC USA’s strategic planning process, we updated our mission and vision statements, reflecting a refined focus while staying true to our core commitment of empowering resident owned communities. This evolution in language ensures resonance with the evolving challenges and opportunities in cooperative ownership of manufactured home communities.

Our mission remains unwavering, and these updates embody our continuous dedication to positive change.

 Mission Statement

ROC USA® supports homeowners in manufactured home communities to achieve affordable and environmentally sustainable self-governing cooperatives.

 Vision Statement

Millions of homeowners and families thrive in sustainable, resilient, and mutually supportive resident-owned manufactured home communities.

ROC USA's 2023-25 Strategic Plan

2023-25 Goal #1

Expand opportunities for homeowners to achieve ownership of communities resulting in 75 more resident-owned communities (ROCs) benefiting 5,000+ households.


  1. Empower homeowners to be competitive in purchasing their communities through diverse financial resources.
  2. Provide competitive financing to meet the market needs of ROCs and CTAPs including up to $175M of mortgage financing and aggregating capital from other sources.
  3. Develop a social impact equity fund to make resident ownership possible when communities are being sold in large portfolios. 
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2023-25 Goal #2

Improve and preserve the financial and environmental sustainability of more than 300 resident owned communities to further enhance community resiliency and household financial security.


Innovate and test strategies to improve the operational and financial capabilities of ROCs.

  1. Expand access to public, private, and philanthropic resources exceeding $100M for home and community infrastructure improvements and energy efficiencies.
  2. Ensure access to home financing for new or existing homebuyers in all ROCs.
  3. Be a leading source of refinancing for ROCs to preserve long-term affordability.

2023-25 Goal #3

Provide more than 1,800 ROC leaders with tools to be the driving force for positive change and further build collective community power.


  1. Provide ROC Leaders resident leadership tools that support communication and messaging, training, and peer collaboration.
  2. Increase local Member engagement in ROC-related activities.
  3. Equip the ROC Association to set an agenda that reflects the needs and aspirations of the communities they represent and implement policy and market-based changes that support expanded resident ownership. 
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2023-25 Goal #4

Operate with a culture and commitment to quality of service, sustainability, accountability, and cohesion.


  1. Integrate race, equity, diversity, and inclusion to strengthen ROC USA and the communities we serve.
  2. Deliver a high standard of customer and partner service.
  3. Further strengthen the relationship and commitment to the Network by providing support and resources with an intentional focus on business integration.
  4. Enhance, define, and adopt systems that support discipline and leverage data for better-informed decision-making.
  5. Increase brand awareness and develop targeted communication strategies for all audiences.
  6. Absorb growth and reach the overall self-sufficiency of ROC USA to achieve an 80% earnings.