ROC & Home Marketing

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Marketing is about more than selling your ROC to the outside world. That’s certainly a part of it —  a big part, to be sure. Building a brand for your ROC helps fill vacant sites with new Members and helps existing Members sell their homes quickly and for top-dollar when they decide to move. A good reputation in your city or town makes your ROC not not only a desirable place to live, but also an asset to the community at large.

But establishing a strong public brand requires buy-in from your neighbors, too. If they don’t think and speak highly of the ROC, who will? Building a healthy, vibrant ROC means engaging with the other Members, a strong volunteer base and more.

Click here to learn about low-cost community improvements that can serve as a first step toward building or improving your ROC’s brand.

Download the resources below and share with new Members or anyone who’s curious about your helping out.

Easy Ways to Celebrate Volunteerism
What to do when it’s Time to Sell
The Key to Volunteer Engagement? Building Relationships