A time of transition, and new beginnings

It’s a Friday morning in June, and the ROC-NH team has worked from home for three months now. I miss my ROC teammates, and the way we organically problem-solve in the hallway, discussing the latest question posed by … More »


Students visit Aberdeen West Co-op …

Thank you to the Directors and Members of Aberdeen West Co-op for welcoming to their community nearly a dozen University of New Hampshire summer interns in the Carsey Institute’s Social Innovation Program. You are great hosts. The folks … More »


Peter Rhoads — a well-deserved retirement

We celebrated ROC USA’s fifth birthday the other night by honoring a 15-year colleague of mine, Peter Rhoads. Peter is retiring from his consulting work with us (although in a pinch he may be back!) ROC leaders in … More »


Senator’s story provides a powerful example

There’s nothing quite as powerful as a powerful example. We recently had the privilege of having U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen address our training conference for people who live in resident-owned manufactured-housing cooperatives. The senator also shared a personal connection with … More »


In cooperatives, “they” are “we”

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. … “They won’t help.” “They want to spend money we don’t have.” “They never come to meetings.” “They think we’re the landlord.” On and on and on it goes. When I hear … More »