Infill and Fundraising with Allie Lechner

When her community started the process of becoming a co-op, Allie Lechner was skeptical. With her background in property management, she wasn’t sure it was going to work out. Flash forward six years later, she is now on the board at the flourishing Zumbro Ridge Estates in Rochester, Minn. and has taken many steps to ensure the community is successful and thriving.

In this episode, Allie takes Paul and Mike through her work with infill, fundraising for a playground, and creating a community pantry. She started this journey on the sidelines and with a changed mindset became a deeply involved member of her community. It took work, perseverance, and hope, but Allie’s experiences at Zumbro Ridge Estates can serve as encouragement for other communities and individuals looking to make improvements and wanting to become more involved.