Our vision is a country in which owners of efficient and affordable manufactured homes are economically secure in healthy and socially vibrant resident-owned communities.

ROC USA, LLC is a nonprofit social venture that operates with two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

  1. ROC USA® Network, in which regional and statewide nonprofit affiliates provide pre- and post-purchase training and technical assistance in communities and lead local partnership development; and,
  2. ROC USA® Capital, which provides specialized financing to co-ops under contract with a Network affiliate. ROC USA Capital is a U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

ROC USA Capital raises debt and equity on its balance sheet to fund loans to co-op borrowers.

Equity is the growth capital that fuels our ability to serve resident-owned communities (ROCs) with the most cost-effective capital that we can. We have strong leverage: Every $1.5 million of equity leverages $40 million in total project lending. 

Aerial photo of Oak Hill and Colonial ROCs
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Last year, ROC USA Capital financed more than $50 million in project loans and helped co-ops secure 1,242 home sites in 16 communities and 10 states. These home sites are now removed from the speculative real estate market and a secure foundation on which homeowners can invest and improve the community and their homes.

We need to raise at least $1.5 million of equity this year to meet borrower demand.  Grant investments directed to equity (or, permanent capital) help us leverage debt, fund loans and produce income that’s critical to our operating self-sufficiency.

A note to impact investors interested in CDFI innovation: We are designed for scale and will within five years expand our lending capacity through dividend-paying equity (as we’re already doing with LLC Members) in addition to retained earnings and equity grants. At our current stage, however, we still need equity grants to grow.

Our largest equity or permanent capital donors to date have been the Ford Foundation ($3 million), JP Morgan Chase & Co. Foundation ($1.75 million) and an anonymous donor who just granted $750,000 for equity. We have also secured equity from Treasury’s CDFI Fund and our LLC Members and national sponsor.

If you are interested in helping us extend vital capital to these inspiring, bootstrap communities, please consider an equity grant to ROC USA.  Please email ROC USA President Paul Bradley at pbradley@rocusa.org to arrange a call.  Thank you for your consideration.