Fun Fair Event a smashing success

Good Day to Everyone!

Happy Friday to you. Well what a grand event day we had. Our Fun Fair Event went well, we had about 30 residents and children come and the vendors were great. I would recommend this type of event for other cooperatives that may be having a hard time finding ways to connect and host things to do within their community.

The City of Fridley even sent a firetruck last minute for the kids and they loved it. The kids even pulled together to help draw up what the community would look like with some of their ideas. I cried, of course, seeing the families spend time doing crafts together, the resident elder ladies making plans for the garden and drawing up a list for this year’s events.

My heart was seeing what it is like to pull together to make things happen. Big thanks to Insightformation for making this happen. The local American Legion rented us their space, and it was nice not to be in the cold.

Have a Super Weekend, and feel free to pick my brain if you’re considering hosting such an event!