Fund a Community Project

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Your tax-deductible gift will directly fund
a ROC’s community project

Resident-owned community Members in our Network take pride in their neighborhoods. It’s part of what inspired them to purchase the land in the first place.

Photo of construction of a mailbox/bus stop shelter at Lamprey River Cooperative.
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Lamprey River Cooperative, an 18-home ROC in Raymond, N.H., won a Better Together Grant in 2015 to have a combination mailbox /bus stop shelter built for its Members.

The Better Together Community Grants Program mirrors that spirit, providing funding for projects meant to help ROCs thrive.

You can also help fund co-op projects every time you use Amazon. Click here to learn more and consider making ROC USA, LLC  your charity of choice.

In October 2010, the ROC leaders who attended the Community Leadership Institute in Louisville developed a community grants program idea that would both help a fellow ROC as well as engage new leadership in the resident corporation. The ROC USA® Board of Directors has included the grants in the budget since 2010.

Projects can include a new sign or a sign make-over, a community room upgrade, landscaping, or a playground, etc. — any project that benefits your ROC in a visible way.

In 2016, for example, members of the Park Plaza community in Fridley, Minn., were able to build a playground for the children in the community through donations. Board President Natividad Seefeld spearheaded the project in order to provide the children with a place in the community to call their own.

*Please note: While payments are handled through PayPal, you need not have a PayPal account to donate. Donors can simply use a credit card. If you prefer to send a paper check, please make it out to ROC USA, LLC and mail it to:

Attn: Community Fundraiser
6 Loudon Road, Suite 501
Concord, NH  03301