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Are you developing a story about a recent resident purchase, trends, challenges or solutions related to the manufactured housing industry? Or researching a speech, white paper or similar project? Our expert staff and Network of affiliates provide technical assistance to more than 300 resident owned communities nationwide, making ROC USA® the national leader in resident ownership. Here, we offer quick facts about ROC USA, ROC USA® Capital, a CDFI lending only to resident groups in manufactured home communities, a glossary of industry terms, media contacts, sources to interview, stories and visuals ready to share, and articles about ROCs and the manufactured housing industry.

For all media inquiries
email Mike Bullard or call (603) 513-2827.


ROC USA Quick Facts

Founded: May 2008 by three non-profits: New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Prosperity Now, and Capital Impact Partners with sponsorship from NeighborWorks® America.

Mission: ROC USA® supports homeowners in manufactured home communities to achieve affordable and environmentally sustainable self-governing cooperatives.

ROC USA® Capital: ROC USA Capital is a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). ROC USA Capital only lends to resident-owned communities that work with a Certified Technical Assistance Provider in ROC USA Network. These loans can be for community purchases, refinances, or community renovation projects, as well as a forgivable pre-development loan for communities considering resident ownership. 

ROC USA Network: ROC USA Network is a group of regional non-profit affiliates that provide coaching and expertise to resident groups through the entire community purchase process and beyond. These technical assistance providers help resident groups assess a community purchase opportunity, work through the purchase, and successfully manage the resident-owned community for years to come. 

Communities Converted to Resident Ownership: 327

Member Households Served: 22,646

Largest ROC: 430 homes, Halifax Mobile Home Estates Association, Halifax, Massachusetts 

First ROC: Meredith Center Cooperative, Meredith, N.H. – purchased June 1, 1984

Newest ROC: Tumwater Mobile Estates Cooperative, Tumwater, Wash. – purchased May 22, 2024

ROCs financed by ROC USA Capital: 113 ($423.1 Million) 

Resident Ownership Basics

In a resident-owned community, homeowners form a non-profit business called a cooperative. Each household is a Member of the cooperative, which owns the land and manages the business that is the community. Members continue to own their own homes individually and an equal share of the land beneath the entire neighborhood. 

In resident-owned communities:

  • The cooperative purchases the community and operates it in a limited-equity structure.
  • The Members elect a Board of Directors to run the community.
  • Decisions are made democratically – each household has one vote.
  • Profits from monthly site fees are reinvested into the community.

Watch this 77-second video that helps explain resident ownership. 

Preferred Terminology

Common terms like trailer park, trailers, parks and mobile homes are outdated and stigmatic for the people who live there. Instead, please use the following terms:

  • Manufactured home community
  • Manufactured homes (or simply ‘homes’)
  • Homeowners

Instead of using the term rent, use monthly site fee, especially when referring to Resident Owned Communities.  


Manufactured Housing Industry News


The ROC USA Staff and members of the Board of Directors are experts and innovators in the manufactured housing space. If you are interested in interviewing someone listed below, please contact Mike Bullard

Paul Bradley headshot
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Paul Bradley


Paul Bradley founded ROC USA in 2008 with three LLC Members, a national sponsor, and nine Network affiliates. Paul has more than 30 years of experience in community organizing, training, project management and financing in the resident-owned community market niche.

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Mary O'Hara

Executive Vice President, ROC Movement

Mary O’Hara supports ROC USA’s strategic priority to ensure our historic work in community-driven change in neighborhoods is reflected (and magnified) in statewide and national change efforts. Mary supports co-op leaders and Members who are driving the national ROC movement through outreach and education, peer networking, and public policy. 

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Michael Sloss

Managing Director,
ROC USA® Capital

Michael Sloss is responsible for directing all of ROC USA® Capital’s key business functions, including: capitalization, loan origination and closing, loan servicing and portfolio management. Michael has presided over ROC USA Capital since 2008 and is responsible for all lending, capital raising and portfolio management activities.


ROC USA logos are available for download as jpegs. If you would like a different version, please contact Mike Bullard


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