More than fun …

It has always been fun to be on the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham.  I graduated in 1986 and have attended numerous events over the last 30 years, largely fun stuff like sporting events, concerts, ceremonies and speaking in classes.

Photo showing judges standing together
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Paul Bradley stands with final round judges for both Community and Student tracks of the New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge at UNH.

Tuesday, though, was fun and inspiring.

I was a final round judge in the 2017 New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC) with a great group of business and public service professionals.  Spending time with them, listening to their reactions and assessments was educational and enlightening.

The competitors – a total of 96 teams – were the inspiring part.

Each team has designed entrepreneurial concepts to tackle major local and global challenges, with innovative ideas serving those with special needs, water quality, methane recovery, food waste, beekeeping, and healthcare for underserved populations.

Check out the videos of the winners – there was a student track and a community track – here.

I am so very proud of my alma mater for its investment in developing the Center for Social Innovation & Enterprise.  The students, teachers and countless others involved here give me great hope.  Thank you UNH!