Help ROC USA find better home loan opportunities

ROC USA® is about to embark on an exciting opportunity to lead a research project about home financing availability in ROCs. For this to be successful, we need ROC Members’ help.

ROC USA is partnering with MitiGate, Inc. to conduct interviews with ROC and industry leaders for us to better understand the availability of home financing products in ROCs. We will host two Zoom meetings along with a guest appearance at the September Better Together call.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please register for one of the Zoom meetings (whose presenter will be fluent in Spanish) or attend the September 6th Better Together call.

The time commitment for this will be no longer than one hour. For any questions, please reach out to ROC Association at


The MitiGate Research Team are community practitioners that have worked in affordable housing and community development for decades. For this endeavor, they will provide research and evaluation services to help tell the story of consumer finance as it relates to ROC homeowners and the growing national effort to develop more holistic and secure financial services. Please reach out with questions or comments: