New Sign forges community spirit while bolstering public safety

In 2019, residents at Black Bear Village Cooperative in Conway, N.H., bought Lamplighter Mobile Home Park from Hynes Corporation. Since the late 60s, the community was owned by various cooperate and private entities under the Lamplighter Park name. There were no signs on the property identifying the 240-home community as Black Bear Village Cooperative and the Co-op needed a new sign to increase the accessibility of the community for emergency and other essential vehicles while enhancing a sense of belonging and community among residents. Black Bear Village was awarded $2,000 to create new signage for the community.

The Better Together Grants are funded by ROC USA® and awarded by the ROC Association Directors each year. The grants of up to $2,000. Any ROC with a current or past Technical Assistance Contract with a ROC USA Certified TA Provider is eligible to apply. Awardees of the previous year’s Grants are not eligible to apply. The Better Together Grants program opens once per year. This year, the application period opens April 5, with applications due May 5. For more information, visit

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Black Bear Village Co-op used a Better Together Grant to completely reimagine its signage, letting the community know there's been a change and making it easier for emergency vehicles in times of crisis.