Doublewide Dudes Podcast Showcases Resident Owned Communities

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Matt Fast, Program Director at LEAP ROC, a ROC USA® Network Affiliate, recently appeared on the Doublewide Dudes podcast to talk about Resident Owned Communities.

Doublewide Dudes, hosted by Alberto Pina and Mauricio Chacra of Braustin Homes, is a podcast that focuses on the manufactured home industry as a solution to the affordable housing crisis and addresses the stigmas still plaguing the industry. They tackle “mobile home myths” and cover trends in the industry.

Throughout the episode, host Alberto Pina asked questions about the benefits of resident ownership. Fast explained the process for a community becoming resident owned, and the benefits and stability the homeowners see from resident ownership. Fast and Pina also discussed the 30-year history of the ROC USA model and the technical assistance that comes with resident ownership.

Listen to the conversation below: