Edie Elevated to Senior Portfolio Manager

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CONCORD, N.H. — ROC USA® is pleased to announce that David Edie has been promoted to Senior Portfolio Manager. He has previously served as ROC USA Capital’s Portfolio Manager.

“David was a natural fit to assume the role of Senior Portfolio Manager as he has been ROC USA Capital’s Portfolio Manager for more than four years and has been involved in all aspects of ROC USA Capital’s loan servicing and portfolio management work,” said Michael Sloss, Managing Director, ROC USA Capital.

Edie will be instrumental in overseeing and ensuring that all ROC USA Capital Loan Servicing, Loan Accounting and many routine loan portfolio management activities are implemented. He will also be responsible for monthly reconciliation of borrower accounts on ROC USA Capital’s Loan Servicing Software, issuance of monthly loan statements to each of ROC USA Capital’s borrowers, management of borrower escrow accounts, quarterly review and approval of borrower financial statements, annual review and approval of borrower budgets and contributing to the ROC USA Capital’s quarterly watch list process. As Senior Portfolio Manager, David also supervises the full-time portfolio manager.

“David also participates in the annual review of each borrower’s performance submitted to and approved by ROC USA’s Loan Review Committee as part of the ROC USA Capital Portfolio Management Team,” Sloss said.

Prior to joining ROC USA, David worked as an accountant and medical billing specialist. David holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Southern New Hampshire University.

“I’m excited that I get to take the next step in my career and have it continue to be at a place with the culture and mission that ROC USA has,” Edie said. “And I’m excited that this is my first professional opportunity to manage other people and that’s a learning curve, but I have lots of good support around me and ROC USA behind me to help me learn as I go.”

Contact Information:

David Edie, dedie@rocusa.org