Grant will foster better economic futures for resident-owned community members

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Community leaders join ROC USA Network affiliates, the ROC USA Board, and staff at the 2014 Community Leadership Institute in Cincinnati.

ROC USA has been awarded a generous grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The $25,000 grant will be used to enhance the learning opportunities of the more than 10,000 homeowners who live in resident-owned communities (ROCs) across the country.

ROC USA President Paul Bradley said support such as that of Bank of America Charitable Foundation helps assure better economic futures for ROC members in more than 170 communities in
14 states.

“We are greatly appreciative of Bank of America Foundation’s support.  Their financial support allows us to sponsor network building events like the Community Leadership Institute and,” Bradley said, referring to ROC USA’s online community center. “I can’t imagine not having those offerings for our community members but they do rely upon foundations like Bank of America seeing the impact of them.”

Bank of America is lending, investing and giving in local communities in order to advance local economies and create positive change. Providing support to organizations like ROC USA that are providing critical services and programs is one way they helping improve the quality of life in communities they serve.