Home Marketing Tips: 2 of 7

2.  Do interconnect your marketing activities.

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a surefire “magic bullet” that will draw buyers in every time.

Home Buyers shop in different ways — some prefer to drive around, some read the paper, some prefer direct mail, some shop online. Connect these methods together to create a bigger, more secure marketing net. If you are placing an ad in your local paper, include your MHVillage listing number so they can view the home online. A link to your ROC’s website if it has one. In every marketing piece you do, look for ways to tie it to other marketing efforts — it is more cost efficient and effective!

Tip: Having an open house? Make sure you announce it on your listing. Adding an open house to your listing on MHVillage will get you to the top of search results.

Open House Staging Tips from mobilehomeliving.org (http://bit.ly/1OgsCed)

When you are selling your mobile home yourself, or with an agent, it is essential to stage your home. Staging has been proven to help a home sell at higher price and at a quicker rate. There’s a difference between decorating a home and staging a home to sell. Decorating a home is about featuring the owner. The focus is on adding personality to the space so that it reflects the owner’s style.  Staging a home is about featuring the home and creating a setting that allows a buyer to imagine living there.

Staging must appeal to the broadest range of buyers and create a lasting impression. You want them to envision themselves and their belongings in the space so make it easy for them to do so. The idea is to create a focal point in each room along with a setting that best reflects what that room is used for.

The best staging starts with a home that is as empty as possible. From there, setup each home

  • Use neutral colored walls because it appeals to the majority of people. Staging is not about personal taste.
  • Limit the amount of furniture and accents in the home to highlight the home’s best feature. Remember, you are not decorating the home, only staging it.
  • Plants help soften the hard lines of a room and add texture.
  • Use lots of lighting throughout the home. This helps make the home seem bigger and friendlier.


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