Intern ready to help find trends that benefit ROCs

CONCORD, N.H. — A University of New Hampshire student will be taking a deep dive into the ROC USA® Capital portfolios to identify ways to better serve communities in the future. 

Photo of Kevin Porter, ROC USA Loan Officer, and Trevor Deane, Carsey  Social Innovation intern
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Trevor Deane of Nashua is a junior at UNH majoring in economics and political science. He landed the internship through the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise at UNH.  His work at ROC USA will primarily consist of helping with loan underwriting and the purchase process. He’ll also be taking a close look at ROC USA Capital’s portfolios to try and identify any trends.

Deane said he’s excited to have the hands-on, real life experience of working with financing like this and hopes to be able to spot any trends there.

“In my research, I hope to display the positive impact ROC USA is having,” he said.

Deane will work closely with Kevin Porter, ROC USA’s Loan Officer, who said he’s excited to have him on board.

“This will help with our underwriting as well as understanding the challenges and opportunities our borrowers face,” Porter said.

Deane is the eighth Social Innovation intern to work at ROC USA since 2012.

The Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise selects a handful of idealistic, high-achieving, impact-focused student leaders for the Social Innovation Internship program. Each intern works at a different host organization based on his or her skills and interests and reports to a supervisor at that organization. Interns spend the majority of the summer at their respective host organizations and occasionally come together as a cohort for trainings in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

ROC USA President Paul Bradley was the winner of the inaugural Carsey Social Innovator of the Year in 2013.

Deane is not the only intern in the ROC USA Network this summer. Quincy Abramson and Alyssa Antman will be working at ROC-NH, a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

Melissa Proulx, ROC USA’s Digital Media Manager, also interned through the program at the New Hampshire Business Review in 2014.