Maine ROC event entertains and enlightens

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Bill Hodgkins, a board member who lives at Wardtown Cooperative in Freeport, Maine, recently blogged about a training event hosted by Cooperative Development Institute.

He talks about an “amazing class titled ‘Dealing with conflict and difficult conversations’ lead by Gary Faucher, National Training Manager for the ROC USA Network. Gary is an extraordinary trainer and made this subject come to life with some very interesting and out-of-the-ordinary exercises including some thumb wrestling and hand-to-hand combat—well, maybe combat is a strong word.”

He went on to say, “We were all astonished to learn that oil spills from residential oil tanks happen on average more than once each and every day in the State of Maine. But we also learned that the news is not all bad. Peter also administers several programs that replace old and dangerous oil tanks and taught us how to tap into these programs for our communities.”

CDI brought in experts to share their knowledge and offer advice to residents of all eight ROCs in Maine.

Read Bill’s entire blog here.