Mass. ROC making meetings more accessible with live streaming 

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CARVER, Mass. — Cranberry Village residents can now attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings virtually. 

Since September, Brenda Bakal, president of the democratically elected Board, has been lives-streaming the meetings to the community’s Facebook Group. Once the meeting is over, the video is then saved in the group. 

Bakal experimented with the idea for a few months before bringing it to the Board meetings, practicing while at a farmers’ market in Pennsylvania and when cooking at her home to figure out how it worked. 

“It kind of took off from there,” she said. 

This gives residents of the community for seniors the flexibility to stay up to date with what’s going on easily if they’re unable to attend the meetings. 

“They can catch it later after the meeting or even the next day,” Bakal said. 

Bakal said this also helps to promote transparency with the board as well. 

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“You get the good and the bad and the ugly with it,” she said. 

Feedback from residents has been great, Bakal said. She bought a stabilizer for her phone, which has helped tremendously. 

Peggy Damiano watches the videos from the comfort of her when she’s unable to attend the meetings for health reasons.  

“You’re able to ask questions,” she said. “You’re able to see what’s going on, you know what’s going on.” 

Damiano said she’s then able to update her neighbors on what happened, with the video available if they want to check something out on their own. 

Though a routine is starting to come together, there are still some quick fixes that are being worked out. 

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