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In Marilla, it sounds like there’s finally light at the end of the snow tunnel.

Marilla Country Village President Dennis Jakubowski and Vice President Jay Marble (thanks, Jay, for the snappy headline!) were among the dozens who formed shovel brigades following a storm all aroudn Buffalo that dumped upward of 6 feet of snow on the region.

Jay described the situation like this:

This is powdery snow, but as it accumulates, it packs and gets really, really heavy – clumps together like snowy rocks or boulders. Our plow keeps breaking down, and our tractor is unable to get enough traction in the slippery conditions. We are doing what we can to keep the roads passable for walking traffic, and the occasional emergency 4×4 vehicle, or snowmobile. Many community residents, volunteers, Dennis, and myself have climbed roofs to clear vents to keep furnaces going. We are doing our best to keep our residents warm and comfortable in this crisis. It looks like we are finally getting a little break in the snowfall tomorrow – it will give us a chance to dig out. Many of our residents are worried about the weight atop of their homes. We’ve had some porches and carports collapse. Thankfully, no injuries or major structural damage. We endured 2 blizzards and -40 windchills last winter, we’ll be ok in this – this is just snow!

What a week! Check out these photos that Jay & Dennis sent over the weekend:

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Finally over!  From Dennis:

We are Just about all cleaned up — pay-loaders in, streets cleaned up, roofs have snow removed, driveways cleaned and then we got rain.

That seems to be the next worry, as flooding has now become a prime concern in the area.

If you missed the first reports out of Marilla Country Village, click here for more coverage.

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