Moses Lake Training Starts to Cement Regional Partnership

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MOSES LAKE, Wash. — With five ROCs in the Moses Lake area, the idea of coming together to create a regional network of sorts in order to benefit all of the communities was a hot discussion topic at this a recent training.

“You have a special opportunity here,” said Miles Nowlin, a cooperative development specialist from ROC Northwest

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By working together, the hope is the ROCs in the city may be able to negotiate discounts and savings with local businesses or vendors who would complete capital improvement projects in the ROCs.

“You have a lot in common,” said Cristina Klatovsky, a cooperative development specialist for ROC Northwest. 

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Attendees said they were excited about the possibility and want to work to put this plan into action. The hope is that they will start to meet this summer and figure out what projects they want to undertake first.

The Saturday Cascade ROC Conference (CROCC) training helps bolster the leadership skills of those either serving on the Board of Directors or interested in running for a spot and want to learn more about the work. The curriculum teaches the different roles and responsibilities of the Board and the other groups they work with.

“This session, we hope, will help relieve some stress,” Nowlin said. 

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Jose Aguirre, Operations Manager of Ponderosa Homeowners Cooperative, said he loves his ROC and being a part of the Board. Aguirre has lived in the community for about a year and this is the second training he’s attended since coming on. He said it’s been helpful in his role as a leader.

“It’s a good place to live,” he said of Ponderosa. “I encourage everyone to get involved.”

Alvaro Galvan, Operations Manager for the Board of Directors in Cascade Village Homeowners Cooperative, agreed.

“I really enjoy getting to know everyone,” he said.

The training taught the group how their cooperative model compares to others in the sector, as well as how to effectively work with a property manager and understand financial statements.

This was the second bilingual training held for the Western ROCs. In October, ROC Northwest and CASA of Oregon held the first-ever Spanish training for both Washington and Oregon ROC Leaders.


[Some quotes have been translated].