ROC USA launches search for new President

Founding President Paul Bradley will transition to lead new subsidiary

ROC USA® is seeking a president to succeed Paul Bradley and lead the organization into a new phase of growth and success as the national leader in resident ownership of manufactured home communities.

Bradley, who launched ROC USA in 2008, announced in October that he will step down as ROC USA President to serve as CEO of its new subsidiary – Integrity Community Solutions. ICS is focused on purchasing portfolios of manufactured home communities (MHCs) with the help of impact equity investors and managing them on an interim basis before giving homeowners the opportunity to buy individual communities as limited equity cooperatives. 

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Paul Bradley

The plan to hire a new ROC USA president includes a transition period, where Bradley will serve as CEO of both ROC USA and Integrity Community Solutions, before moving to ICS full time.

This role requires a collaborative social venture leader with effective recruiting, management, business, and communication skills. Leaders from a range of backgrounds can succeed in this role, but one element is essential: an ability and commitment to empowering low- and moderate-income homeowners in MHCs.

ROC USA works in deep collaboration with community leaders as well as a network of 10 Technical Assistance affiliates. Its Board includes elected and appointed Directors from its multiple stakeholders, including LLC Members, partners, TA affiliates, and community leaders. ROC USA’s national team numbers 33 today and operates in two offices and remotely. ROC USA has attracted and retained skilled and motivated team members organized in six service units and is led by an experienced Executive Leadership Team.

Every stakeholder reports one universal thing that brings and retains passionate and dedicated people to ROC USA and the ROC Movement – our mission: “ROC USA supports homeowners in manufactured home communities to achieve affordable and environmentally sustainable self-governing cooperatives.”

“Every co-op purchase and every self-sustaining co-op is the result of dedicated co-op leaders in their neighborhoods,” Bradley said. “Their stories are so inspiring, it’s attracted thousands of reporters – locally and nationally including from NPR, The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal. It’s a story of neighbors banding together for mutual self-help. It’s both radical and practical, and it really works.”