New TA Providers Sharpen Skills for ROC Work

CONCORD, N.H. — With a drive to learn more about the work their doing, the newest Technical Assistance Providers in the ROC USA® Network are ready to help the ROCs they work with thrive after finishing their own training this past week.

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L to R: Luz Galicia, Heather Holton, Marcia Sprague and Autumn Tigart.

Autumn Tigart of NeighborWorks® Montana, Heather Holton of CASA of Oregon, and Marcia Sprague and Luz Galicia of Thistle, spent four days training and collaborating with their peers to learn more about coaching ROC Leaders in the communities they work with.

“It was just a wonderful week,” said Gary Faucher, ROC USA Network’s National Training Manager. “They were just a really terrific group to work with. They learned so much. That’s what I heard over and over again.”

The agenda covered pre- and post-purchase work and the resources they can use to help with that work, as well as market development and strategic planning.

The team at ROC-NH, a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, also invited the group to sit in on their weekly meeting and learn about their process.

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The group met with Kate Eads Galdieri, Network Systems Manager, and Heather Weste, Resource Library and Portfolio Manager (not pictured) for one of their sessions.

Over the course of the week, the group also learned everything from where the ROC model began to where it will go in the future. Understanding the fundamental underpinnings of the work and the history is vital to the work and something that the group left with a clear comprehension of.

“When we talk about the model now, they really get that,” Faucher said.

ROC USA Network consists of 10 Certified Technical Assistance Providers who work with the 228 ROCs in 16 states  — CASA of Oregon, Cooperative Development Institute, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, LEAP ROC, NeighborWorks® Montana, PathStone, ROC-NH, ROC Northwest, Thistle and UROC.