Newspaper follows up with ROC one year after purchase

The Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine) followed up on a ROC in its coverage area about a year after the residents purchased Deer Ridge Mobile Home Cooperative in Augusta.

The article tells the story of transformation as many initial naysayers have turned into community supporters and leaders. The writer also shares how the democratically elected board has treated the community like the business it is, enforcing rules and ensuring that residents do what is expected of them.

But it also chronicles the softer side of the word community — noting the many improvements both made and int he works and the way many folks are pitching in.

Great job to the Members of Deer Ridge and their TA provider, Jess Pooley. It’s a great example of a way to keep your ROC in the news, as well as showcase the strengths of resident ownership, and combat the stigma all-to-often associated with manufactures home communities. This is easily replicated in your community. For tips, contact Jess or Mike Bullard (ROC USA Communications Manager) through the Connections.

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