Pandemic related site fee, utilities and loan payment help is available!

CONCORD, N.H. – At present, there are resources available for late site-fees (lot rent) and utilities if you or one of your neighbors are behind and need help.  These funds generally are referred to as Emergency Rental Assistance funds or Programs (ERAP).

Every state has been provided resources by the federal government.  To find the agency for your state or county, visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website:

Some states are allowing the community owner to apply on behalf of the homeowners and renters and some states are having individuals apply.  Your state or county website will advise you on the approach for your community.

Here are some graphics that you can use to promote the program in your community. Fact sheets are also available in English and Spanish.

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There will also soon be funds available for home loan payments that you may be behind on.  This program is different – it is for home loans and goes by the title Housing Assistance Fund.

Homes in manufactured (mobile) home communities ought to be eligible.  However, this one is more challenging.  The states have been given a lot of latitude by the federal government, but it doesn’t mean the state will understand some of the unique aspects of loans on homes in MHCs.  For instance, in most states, your home loan is a chattel loan, not a mortgage.  Also, you have both a home loan and you pay site-fees (lot rents.)

We are informing the Department of Treasury who is overseeing the Housing Assistance Fund of these nuances so that they understand that in their review of state plans.  However, you may need to advocate for yourself, too.

If you’re behind on both your home loan and your site-fee, the recommendation will likely be to apply to the Housing Assistance Fund.  However, this program is not yet open so you may choose to apply to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) for site-fee and utility help first.

There is urgency in getting the funds out and rules are being written quickly.  If you run into a problem, don’t give up.  Your last line of defense is to call or write to your governor.  They too want to see these dollars help keep people in their homes.

We will update on Facebook as we learn more.