ROC Leaders collaborate with neighbors at regional trainings

Over the last month, dozens of ROC leaders gathered with their local peers to collaborate and further strengthen their skills at three different regional trainings. 

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The first was held in Massachusetts, while two others were held in Vermont and Minnesota. The trainings are run by the Certified Technical Assistance Providers (CTAPs) for each region.

The Massachusetts and Vermont trainings were run by the Cooperative Development Institute, while Northcountry Cooperative Foundation put on the Minnesota event.

Trainings covered everything from successful community building to online collaboration to local laws and resources.

All of the groups were engaged in the learning and left with both new and stronger skills to bring back to help improve the day to day activities in their communities.

The Vermont training was also the first to be held in the region.

“It was good to get this first event under our belts and we are looking forward to another event in 2019,” said Gary Faucher, ROC USA’s National Training Manager.

The events serve as a way for different ROC leaders and members in their respective regions to come together to share and learn their knowledge and experience. We also like to have a little fun while we’re there.

The next regional trainings are in September for Washington and Oregon ROCs in Oregon and in October for Montana ROCs in Montana. Residents in that area interested in attending can contact ROC Northwest, CASA of Oregon or NeighborWorks® Montana.

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