ROC Leaders Dig in at CLI

LOS ANGELES – More than 40 leaders of resident-owned communities (ROCs) from across the country spent five days of intensive leadership development at a national conference in California.

These ROC leaders took part in the NeighborWorks America Community Leadership Institute with ROC USA.

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CLI 2017

In addition, they spent a day working with the staff at ROC USA and a consultant to contribute to the organization’s next strategic plan.

ROC USA President Paul Bradley said he was very pleased to have so many ROC leaders volunteer their time to stay an extra day to work on the strategic plan.

“Three years ago, half of our strategic goals came from resident leaders at that CLI so there was no question we’d engage a new group of leaders to so the same this time around,” Bradley said. “Their dedication to their ROCs and the resident ownership movement is inspiring.”

Bradley said ROC leaders were quick to agree on several points, including more communications support to help build an ownership culture in their ROCs; expanded online and regional programs for ROC-to-ROC engagement; deeper, more detailed training; better access to infrastructure, housing rehabilitation and home finance resources; and more. Those consensus ideas were passed on to the ROC USA Board of Directors to consider as they finalize the next strategic plan.

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