Quick visits at Lakeville Estates and The Woodlands Community – thank you!

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I was in western New York earlier this month for the celebration at The Woodlands Community. On my way, I took the opportunity to drive through Lakeville Estates.

These are two terrific communities!

Lakeville Estates is a 50-home community in Geneseo. I was fortunate to find Richard Nereau and his wife, Marge, at home. Richard is the president of the residents’ association.

This is really a stunning 55+ community that is clearly well-liked and cared for by those who live there; it’s darn near perfect everywhere you look!

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It’s very clear why you felt so strongly that you wanted to gain ownership and control. You have large investments that are now much more secure. Congratulations! We’re happy to have you join the ROC family.

The Woodlands Community in Hornell is a different type of remarkable story. It’s the second time in a month that I heard from 30+ year residents that “this was a community with a waiting list 25 years ago.” Apparently The Woodlands Community was “the” place to live 30 years ago. Unfortunately, it’s not seen a lot of investment in the last many years.

What’s inspiring to me is that many of the homeowners never gave up; they have kept their homes and yards very tidy as the pipes underground long ago let go. Now, they’re capitalizing on the opportunity to gain control and make the repairs.

And, thanks to New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s Manufactured Home Community Program, along with ROC USA Capital and PathStone, Inc. (a ROC USA Network TA provider affiliate) and a lot of resident sweat equity, the Association has purchased the community and is preparing to upgrade all of the infrastructure.

They will bring it back. And, looking at the support that the Board – under Randy’s and Jim’s leadership – they are well on their way to making it happen.

The Mayor of Hornell spoke at the event and captured it perfectly when he said something to the effect of, “Control is now in your hands – the community is now locally owned by you all – and we will support you in any way we can.”

Locally owned, regionally supported, and nationally strengthened. ROC on!