Re-Branding Grant Program

**The application deadline for the Re-Branding Grant has passed.**

Program Overview


We are beginning to reshape how people think about our communities and us as homeowners because we’re actively taking responsibility for ourselves and our communities.  We are shaping our futures and that’s inspiring to people.  It’s very different than being subject to a third-party commercial owner.  People like what we’re doing. 

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Even so, we face an uphill hike because of the way some people perceive our communities and our homes.  Sometimes, we may be reinforcing a negative perception that our homes and communities are somehow less permanent or lower quality than site-built homes and subdivisions.  Sometimes, the way we present ourselves to the larger community works against us.

We want to help co-ops address how they’re promoting their community.

In 2019, the ROC Association is providing a special grant opportunity to support community rebranding.  What is rebranding?  Broadly, brand is what people perceive your community to be.  Some consider it your reputation.  Brand also includes how you present yourself.

What is the difference in your mind of “trailer park” and “Resident Owned Community”?

Does “neighborhood” conjure up a different image than “Park”?

The Rebranding Grant Program is intended to help fund ROCs that want to make concrete changes that contribute to a better brand image for their community.

The program:

Individual grant amounts:  Up to $1,200

Total funds available:         $10,000

Purpose of grants:  Rebranding projects can include legal name changes or new d/b/a (“doing business as” names), new signage, new letterhead and collateral material, a website redesign or new website (including ROC USA provided websites).  Basically, something that presents a new image to the Membership and general public that is a basic change in the outgoing message.

Eligibility:  Any ROC with a current or past Technical Assistance Contract with a ROC USA® Network Certified TA Provider is eligible to apply.  Awardees of past Better Together Grants are eligible for this special round of funding.

Grant guidelines:

  1. ROCs must submit their application directly to ROC USA®, and must apply using the supplied application.
  2. The project can be coordinated by a Committee (either ad-hoc or permanent) or the Board of Directors. The application will need to explain how the project was identified and selected, who will oversee it, and who will prepare a brief report afterward.
  3. The project must be voted on and approved by the Board of Directors, or if necessary under the by-laws, the Membership.
  4. Willingness to contact local media with rebranding effort, if appropriate.

Application deadline:              August 30, 2019

Approval announcement:       September 14, 2019

Project completion deadline: December 31, 2019

Conflict of Interest:                 ROC Association Directors will be responsible for approving grant applications.  See ROC Association section of to learn more about these ROC leaders.  In no case will a Director comment or vote on an application from his/her ROC.  Our goal is a fair process of project selection.

If you have questions, please email Kim Capen, New England ROC Association Director, at

Download the flyer here and the application here.

Thank you.