ROC USA Board of Directors adopts ROC leader priorities!

The ROC USA Board of Directors met last week in Washington, D.C., and adopted four priorities put forth by the 23 ROC leaders who attended this year’s Community Leadership Institute!

While ROC USA’s formal Strategic Plan isn’t due until June 2015, the Board acted on these priorities and committed to making them central to the final plan.  We asked questions like, “What does success look like?” and “What are your top priorities for ROC USA?” because we want to know and we want to act!  Those four priorities are:

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  1. Providing a consistent level of engagement by ROC USA and TA providers over the life cycle of the ROC
  2. Delivering local, regional, and national training both in person and by video and enhancing the connections between ROC leaders
  3. Delivering resources for securing infrastructure resources (e.g. grants and loans)
  4. Arranging financing for homebuyers and resources to help ROCs fill vacant sites

The Board also asked me and the ROC Association leaders to put out a survey to every ROC Board in the country, all 160 of them, in order to get more input into our planning process.  That may add more priorities to this list.  So be it!  Watch for your survey shortly.

Clearly, will continue to receive heavy investment because we will need to meet some of these needs through this online community center.

Please continue to invite other ROC members to participate here, and please add your thoughts here or in ROC Talk or anywhere you’d like on the site!  Thank you.

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