Planning for Success


ROC USA launched in 2008 with a mission of making resident ownership of manufactured home communities a reality nationwide. It was built on a nearly quarter-century of triumphs at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, which pioneered the practice of creating cooperative resident-owned communities (ROCs) in 1984. Cover of ROC USA's 10 year report

The Community Loan Fund revolutionized the sector in New Hampshire and its vice president, Paul Bradley, created ROC USA to scale that work nationally. At ROC USA’s 10-year mark, the national social venture and its affiliates were serving 220 co-ops in 15 states made up of more than 14,000 homes. In so doing, ROC USA and its Network of affiliates have created a national movement. As Kathy Zorotheos, president of the 246-home Oak Hill Manufactured Home Community in Taunton, Mass., said, “I went and Googled ‘How do you buy a mobile home park?’ and up comes ROC USA.”

While ROC USA is charging ahead, we did pause to look back on a decade of work. Our 10-year report 10-year report, published in May 2018, tells the story of ROC USA primarily through the lens of three ROC Leaders.

Printed copies are available upon request. To inquire or learn more, write us as

Over the next three years, this pattern of growth will be mirrored, with the latest version of the strategic plan acting as a road map for everyone working in the resident-ownership movement.

Members of the ROC USA Board of Directors, members of our Network affiliates, staff, stakeholders and ROC Members compiled the next set of goals for the 2018-21 Strategic Plans. The purpose of this document is to focus our vision and direction, while also serving as a working plan to create strategies towards achieving these goals.

In this next phase, our goals will include supporting ROC Leaders to build and drive the national resident-ownership movement; helping preserve another 4,000 homes through resident ownership; strengthening our Certified Technical Assistance Providers; and generating more resources for home and community improvements. 

Engaging ROC Members in the process helps to create sustainable community changes. Our reason for being is the economic security and well-being of homeowners in MHCs, so raising up their voices and experiences in resident-ownership is vital to a healthy and growing network.

The plan is available in both English and Spanish.

While the goals may be in writing, any suggestions or input are welcome. You can share those in the discussion forum on here.