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Park Plaza Cooperative hopes to build a playground for the kids, like Meadow, who live there and have few options for places to play.

Your tax-deductible gift will directly fund
a playground project at Park Plaza Cooperative

When the Park Plaza Cooperative members bought their suburban Minneapolis community in 2011, they secured their homes and knew their neighborhood would not be shut down.

Then they set their sights on addressing one of the basic needs of their neighborhood – replacing the failing water infrastructure. The water system at the 90-site Fridley resident-owned community was a mess. It leaked, and water had to be shut off to large swaths of the neighborhood to make repairs. One winter, when a pipe burst under a home on one of the most frigid days of the year, the water was cascading into the street and freezing. The cooperative had to bring in a crane to lift the home far into the air so repairs could be made.

Photo of construction equipment at Park Plaza Cooperative.
Parka Plaza has replaced its underground infrastructure and repaved roads since becoming a resident-owned community in 2011.

But Park Plaza knew this was coming and budgeted accordingly. With the help of Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, they lined up financing, chose a contractor, and watched as backhoes and bulldozers took over their streets. In 2015, they celebrated their completed rehabbed water system and topped it off with a coat of smooth asphalt.

But that didn’t satisfy Board President Natividad Seefeld. Natividad has a soft spot in her heart for kids. Some would say her heart is a soft spot for kids. And not just her own grandchildren and great-grandchildren. No, Natividad keeps an eye out for all the children who live in Park Plaza and she was bothered by the fact that they had no place to call their own in the community.

Head shot of Natividad Seefeld
Natividad Seefeld

When National Public Radio featured Park Plaza in 2016 as part of a report on the manufactured home community sector, Natividad was sure to mention the playground as one of her next crucial projects.

We searched for a worthy project to launch the Donate Now feature of this website and a playground at Park Plaza seemed just the right fit. Every dollar we receive in tax-deductible donations will pass directly through to the Park Plaza effort.

We can’t wait to see the finished project and invite you to check back for progress.

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