Podcast puts ROC model’s successes in spotlight


What started off as vacation homes and a housing option for the workforce during the Great Depression and World War II has turned into a critical source of affordable housing for thousands across the U.S.  99% Invisible podcast logo

The team at the 99% Invisible podcast took a deep dive into the history of manufactured homes and manufactured home communities over the last near century.

Along with that, the piece highlights the benefits of the resident-owned, cooperative model.

“People are glad to be a part of it — and to finally own the land under their homes, together,” said Roman Mars, host and creator of the podcast.

Emmett FitzGerald, who produced the episode, spoke with members of Applewood Homeowners Cooperative, the newest ROC in Midvale, Utah.

Residents of the 56-home community purchased their neighborhood in February 2018.

ROC USA® Founding President Paul Bradley was also featured in the episode, speaking about how his time at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund laid the foundation for the work that’s being done by ROC USA today.

Bradley said resident-ownership both preserves the communities and provide them with an everlasting sense of security.

You can listen to the podcast and read the story they wrote to go along with it here.