Year 13 didn’t prove lucky, but it did prove our resolve

Today is ROC USA’s 13th anniversary! Unlucky 13, right? Well, on the surface, the lack of luck spanned the world. But, this year of unprecedented challenges brought out the best in ROCs, ROC leaders, the dedicated TA providers in ROC USA Network, and ROC USA itself.

I’m so proud of the work we did in the last year and moreover, for the last 13. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that ROCs are resilient communities. They’re built to withstand the tough times and shine in good and not-so-good times. We can look back at the darkest days of 2020 an say without a doubt, ROCs shined bright through it all!

I took a different tack this year and rather than write, I decided to VLOG! Have a look and listen.  And, thank you to all of the thousands of people who contribute to make resident ownership viable and successful.

ROC on with us into our 14th year!  Thank you.

Yours in cooperation,