ROC leaders descend on Ohio

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COLUMBUS, OHIO – Not quite 24 hours in, CLI is already a huge success for the 50 resident-owned community leaders who joined ROC USA® and NeighborWorks® America this week.

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ROC leaders from across the country arrived in Ohio on Thursday, and almost immediately set about learning from one another and the staffs of ROC USA and several of its certified technical assistance provider organizations.

Friday evening, all community leaders introduced themselves and shared stories from their communities. In all, Members of 24 ROCs are participating.

They were joined by Brittany Baldwin of National Co-op Bank, which is partnering with ROC USA communities to offer a home loan program in ROCs with much less expensive interest rates than what is currently widely available. That program is about to be tested in Massachusetts ROCs.

Friday morning saw a motivational speech about people’s filters, which he said can serve as barriers to good ideas in all sorts of community organizations. He challenged community leaders to “dust off their filters” every day to help ensure they are open to all ideas and not quick to dismiss those of colleagues or neighbors of whom they’re not necessarily fond.

Later Friday, ROC USA President Paul Bradley led a discussion on the role of a community’s brand. ROC leaders agreed that a respected brand is key to quick transactions of for-sale homes in communities and even waiting lists of potential residents. And full communities mean lower rent for all.

ROC USA’s national training manager, Gary Faucher, helped ROC leaders develop their personal story – a tool they can use in not only describing themselves, but also in describing their communities as they go about their everyday lives and while working on behalf of their ROC.

Friday evening was set to conclude with the Dorothy Richardson Awards, which recognize outstanding community leaders from all across the country.

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